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About the Brand 

Crescendo Café brand was established in September 2022. The brand is a partnership between farmers abroad, North Central College, and the Mays Music Centre of Excellence (MMCOE) and helps The Centre achieve its mission of providing music lessons, programs, and ensembles to the Chicagoland area that are affordable and accessible to all. Revenue generated from Crescendo Café goes towards supporting farmers aboard, scholarships, and the operating fund of MMMCOE. 


About the Blend 

The Blues Blend features a mix of Guatemalan and Ethiopian beans. Coffee beans that are grown in Guatemala typically have tasting notes indicating a full body and a rich chocolatey-cocoa flavor, and a toffee-like sweetness. Ethiopia's beans are known for their bright fruit and floral flavors. This blend of beans creates a nice, smooth balanced coffee that has blueberry undertones, and will pair well with a breakfast muffin of your choice. 

Cresendo Café

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